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Skydiving In Hawaii 

Oahu is the best place for skydiving in Hawaii since you’ll be able to see an epic aerial view of the island’s beautiful sights. The most beautiful drop zone is at the North Shore, which encompasses stunning beaches, luscious greenery, and magnificent natural formations. 

Visit the world-class skydiving center with an exemplary student safety record. They have 42 years of skydiving experience, so you can trust that the instructors know what they’re doing. You can enjoy the dive with peace of mind.  

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Activity Description

Our skydiving package is one of the best things to do in Oahu. It starts at Dillingham Airfield, where you’ll ride a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air 100, jump from as high as 14,000 feet, and enjoy the longest Hawaii skydiving experience. 

Dive right into the Oahu sky and enjoy a minute of free fall at 120 mph. Afterward, you’ll glide down with the open parachute and enjoy the breathtaking views of Oahu’s North Shore.

We offer morning and afternoon slots for the skydiving package. The entire process lasts about two to two and a half hours, including filling in the paperwork and a short orientation. The activity is available every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, depending on weather conditions. 

The earliest arrival time at the drop zone is at 7:30 AM, and the latest is 1:00 PM. After checking in, you have to go to the gear-up area to get your harness. Instructors will also use this time to give you a safety briefing and jump instructions.

To ensure your utmost safety, we always check weather conditions before any jump. Once the status is clear, you’ll be taken to the aircraft, which can accommodate six to eight tandem students.


The price for our ultimate tandem skydive package starts at $314.76, which includes the booking fee and GE tax. It also encompasses the fees for the instructor, equipment rental, and sky diving certificate. 

There are also photo and video packages to commemorate this milestone in your life. The regular photo and video combo costs $199, while the ultimate/helicopter package costs $230. Additionally, your instructor can take your photo and video in the sky using a GoPro. The regular photo and video combo costs $170, while the ultimate/helicopter combo will cost $190. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about our Oahu skydiving package: 

Is there an option for a solo jump? 

No. Our Oahu skydiving package is intended for unlicensed thrill-seekers. All jumps are tandem to ensure the safety of our guests. 

What happens if I change my mind on the plane right before I jump? 

You won’t be forced to jump if you’re not comfortable. You can stay on the plane. However, you’ll still be charged for the service. 

Can I wear prescription glasses under the goggles? 

Yes. We’ve specifically prepared deeper goggles to accommodate guests who wear prescription eyewear. 

How far in advance should I book the package? 

It’s always best to book as far in advance as possible, especially if you have rigid schedule requirements and are only available for a specific day. Walk-ins and last-minute availability are also possible. However, it can be limited, so we recommend booking at least a week or two ahead. 

Will I really be safe? 

As mentioned, the skydiving center holds an excellent record for student safety. Your instructors are trained to ensure protection for all passengers. It’s also the only center that’s recognized by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), which regulates the industry by requiring the highest safety standards from all skydiving service providers.  

How much time should I set aside in my day for skydiving? 

Our tandem jump services can take one to four hours, excluding the time for filling in paperwork. We suggest setting aside an entire day for this activity so that you can enjoy the experience fully without worrying about your next destination.  

Weather conditions must be favorable before we can give a go signal for a jump. This can be a challenge to predict and impossible to guarantee. That’s why we recommend this part of your Oahu activities takes a whole day in your itinerary. 


There are set rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety, from the instructors and crew to guests. We expect full compliance with these guidelines for a positive skydiving experience. 


Only adults aged 18 years old and above with valid IDs can participate in the skydiving activities. Take note that guests aren’t allowed to fly within 24 hours of a two-tank scuba dive to avoid the high risk of decompression sickness. 

If you have heart and cardiovascular problems or are pregnant, we don’t recommend participating in this activity for obvious health reasons. Drop zones are also not accessible for wheelchair users. 

The maximum weight limit for skydiving passengers is 240 lbs. or 108 kg. 

We reserve the right to deny service to guests who might not be physically capable of performing a safe jump. 

We also require participants to watch a training video and sign the Tandem Parachute Jumper Agreement. Kindly reconfirm booking a day and an hour before your schedule to check for any changes caused by the weather and other conditions. 

What To Bring 

Bring cash and credit cards with you, but make sure to place them in a secure bag before jumping. We’ll also need to check a government-issued ID. Wear layered clothing and close-toed shoes as the jump can be chilly. Bring snacks as well since there won’t be any food on site. 

Additional Notes 

There might be changes in the activity schedule due to weather or traffic conditions. Altitude is guaranteed for appropriate conditions. If the ultimate tandem height of 14,000 ft. can’t be reached, you’ll only need to pay for the regular tandem rate, which is 9,000 ft.  

Prepaid customers can get a partial refund. For canceled jumps, you can get a full refund. 

We will require you to show proof of vaccination or a valid negative COVID-19 test, which should be taken within a week of your skydiving schedule. Failure to do so will void the service, and you won’t get a refund. 


Skydiving is one of Oahu’s best activities. Book with us today! Alternatively, if you’d like a complete private Oahu tour, you can book a tour with us online or call (808) 425-9896. Explore more adventures that you can do on this beautiful island!

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