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With its rich history and culture, Oahu is a breathtakingly beautiful island. In fact, Oahu’s world-famous North Shore is widely regarded by many people as paradise on Earth.

If you’re looking to discover Oahu’s stunning landscapes while also learning about the island’s colorful past and exciting present, joining the North Shore’s Best Zipline Tour by CLIMB Works will be your best bet. This adrenaline-pumping activity is one of the best things to do in Oahu.

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Activity Overview

Trying the North Shore’s Best Zipline Tour by CLIMB Works should be on everyone’s bucket list. The tour begins with a 2-mile ATV drive to the mountain summit. Along the way, you’ll pass through farmland, drive through the wilderness, and climb the mountainside, experiencing all the diverse inland vistas and other exciting surprises that Hawaii has to offer.

This three-hour experience takes place on a commercial farm and boasts the longest Oahu zipline, ranging between 500 feet up to a staggering half-mile! You will get the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of eight world-class dual lines, two rappels, and three sky bridges.

From 410 feet above sea level, you’ll have unobstructed views of the North Shore’s famed beaches, verdant mountains, and lovely farmland. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is picking the right backdrop for your photos. It’s common for tourists visiting Oahu to explore the North Shore’s famed beaches, but the CLIMB Works Zipline Tour offers a different perspective. Oahu zip lining provides a fresh take on the natural beauty that has made the North Shore well-known.

As a bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Hawaii’s unique history and culture while admiring the stunning mountain and ocean scenery of the North Shore. A series of educational exhibits installed throughout the trip will change your outlook on Hawaii’s heritage, traditions, and agriculture.

Thanks to CLIMB Works’ meticulously built zipline in Oahu, cutting-edge brake system, and highly trained team, adventures don’t need to be risky. Encourage yourself to try something totally new and give yourself a challenge by going on an experience in a safe, supervised, and natural setting.


The rates for North Shore’s Best Zipline Tour by CLIMB Works are $192.93 per person for those 7 years or older.


Why is there a need to arrive half an hour early?

For this period, you will be checked in, get suited up, and briefed. That’s why it’s crucial to arrive on time. Since the tour goes by reservation, latecomers will not be accommodated or refunded.

Will there be a place to put my things?

You can store your phone, wallet, and keys in the lockers provided. Small bags can be placed behind the reception counter, but they don’t offer any assurances for items that aren’t already secured by the locks. The rest of your belongings need to be left in the car.

Will the tour still go ahead even if it’s raining?

Yes, it will go on regardless of rain. Hawaii is famed for its sudden downpours, but that doesn’t stop the tour from moving forward. On the other hand, thunderstorms prevent them from operating.

Even if they can’t forecast the weather, their team is well-trained to decide whether to proceed with the tour or postpone it based on the information they have at their disposal. There is a safe exit from the course for every participant on all platforms to return to the main office. Schedule changes or partial refunds are possible, based on how far along you are on the tour.

Is it safe for children to go on a zipline?

The ziplines are open to kids aged 7 and up. Participants must weigh at least 80 pounds; however, children under that limit will ride accompanied by a guide.

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If you’re planning a trip to Oahu, don’t miss out on the North Shore’s Best Zipline Tour. It’s undeniably one of Oahu’s best activities. Feel the rush and soak up Hawaii’s natural splendor.

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In any case, enjoy you’re trip to Oahu! Mahalo!

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