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Kahala Estates

Kahala Estates: Take a Peek at the Most Affluent Area in Hawaii

Wondering where the rich and famous live in Oahu? Let a Kahala Estates tour show you.

If New York has its Upper East Side and California its Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Silicon Valley, Honolulu has Kahala Avenue. Home to the rich and famous, Kahala Estates come with astronomical price tags. It’s not surprising, though, since they have some of the most magnificent oceanfront views in the world.

About Kahala Estates

Dubbed as an upscale tropical paradise, Kahala Estates is, without a doubt, the very heart of Hawaii’s luxury home market. Many would want to live there for its gorgeous views, historical value, and overall stately environment but unfortunately, not everyone can afford this neighborhood. With properties that can range from $1.5 to upwards of $30 million, regular folks can only be left dreaming of living the grand life here.

Also referred to as ‘The Avenue’, the most magnificent Kahala Estates sit by the water. These multi-million mansions are certainly sights to behold with their grandness and scale. Aside from their lavishness, however, it’s the beach access that really jacks up the price for these properties. They pretty much come with private beach access, allowing the extremely wealthy to enjoy the most exclusive beach areas in urban Honolulu. 

So if you’ll really think about it, it’s not that surprising that Kahala Estates are unbelievably posh. These homes are pretty much parcels of paradise. From the marvelous location, beautiful views, white sand beaches, and proximity to modern comforts, the value of Kahala Estates will be hard to beat.

Who Lives Here

The prestige of Kahala Avenue isn’t just about the palatial properties in the area. It’s also about who lives in those stately mansions that make them so intriguing and fascinating. Famous celebrities have called this awe-inspiring neighborhood home. 

The most famous residents of Kahala Avenue include Liza Minelli, Carol Burnett, Don Ho, Barbara Cox Anthony, Chris Hemmeter, and Duke Kahanamoku had homes in the area in the past. Hawaii Five-O’s Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim, as well as eBay founder Pierre Omidyar still reside in the posh neighborhood. VIPs, American royalties, and other very popular people were also known to have rented Kahala Estates.

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Aside from the material wealthiness of the Kahala Estates, the area is also rich in history. Being in the Diamond Head Crater area, it’s within the area where some native Hawaiian lore took place. 

According to legend, the volcano goddess Pele resided here alongside her sister Hiiaka while searching for a permanent home within the Hawaiian archipelago. It’s believed that Hiiaka gave the place its original name, Lea-ahi. 

There are two translations for the name, one means ‘head of the tuna’ from the words lae (head) and ahi (tuna). The other translates to ‘wreath (lei) of fire (ahi) as people used to light fires along the rim of the crater to guide canoes. It’s also said that a temple for Laamaomao, the god of wind, was erected in the Diamond Head to protect the navigational fires.

Kahala Estate Tours

Due to the affluence and popularity of the area, Kahala Avenue also draws in curious visitors from all over the globe. Nowadays, it’s included in the tours offered to those who want to explore the beautiful city of Honolulu. It’s Oahu’s version of Hollywood celebrity homes tours as it will drive tourists around the posh area to see the expensive mansions of the rich and famous.

The interesting thing about these tours is that there’s quite a variety to it. You can opt to do it traditionally or like a high-roller while riding a limousine. You can take a pick from the many tourism providers on the island.

Kahala Beach & Waiʻalae Beach Park

If you’re not too fond of narrated tours, you can still check out the area by visiting the beaches nearby. The Kahala Beach and Wai’alae Beach Park might not be as private as the beaches attached to the multi-million mansions that dot the Kahala Avenue but it might just be the closest thing to one. 

Diamond Head

You can also visit the Diamond Head if you want to check out the Kahala Estates. Heading up the Diamond Head State Monument can even give you a bird’s eye view of the grandiose residences by the water. Once you’re done taking a peek at the homes, you can also enjoy the magnificent vistas that you can access at 560 feet above the crater floor.

Just be ready for a strenuous hike, though. The climb covers 0.8 miles from the trailhead to the summit, so it can be pretty tiring. There are a number of amenities within the park, though, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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