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Halona Blowhole

What You Need To Know About Halona Blowhole

Once you’re in Waikiki, you won’t run out of tourist attractions and pretty sights to enjoy. One of these must-see places is the Halona Blowhole. If you’re still not decided on visiting this place, here are some facts that may intrigue you. 

  1. “Halona” actually means “lookout” in the Hawaiian language. It’s a natural name for the place, as from this spot you can enjoy many miles of unspoiled coastline waters. When the day is clear, you may even be able spot the islands of Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i.
  2. Of course, the blowhole itself is a wonderful attraction. It was formed many thousands of years ago when the place was riddled with active volcanoes. Their eruptions resulted in the molten lava tubes responsible for the Halona Blowhole. Thankfully, there aren’t any more active volcanoes in Oahu. 
  3. This is just a 20-minute drive from Waikiki. The drive itself is part of the fun, since you certainly will enjoy the scenery along the Kalaniana‘ole Highway. You’ll go past Hanauma Bay and Koko Head Center, and you better have a good camera on hand to capture the magnificent vista. 
  4. The geysers from the blowhole can go as high up as 30 feet. That’s due to the turbulent nature of the waters in the area, and larger waves make for higher geysers. You can even feel and hear the rumbling off the water under your feet just before the geyser erupts. 
  5. You may want to visit from late December through early April. This is the whale season, when you can also get to see these magnificent creatures sprouting or breaching at the water surface. 
  6. Some people like to visit during the winter months. That’s because during this time you have large waves and strong currents sending rushing water into the molten lava tubes to create high geysers.
  7. Others prefer to come here during the summer months. That’s because just below the lookout lies the Halona Beach Cove. This is also known as the Peering Place, and during the summer the ocean is quite calm here. Just make sure you wear some protective footwear so the steep and rocky descent from the lookout. Once you get down there, the walk on the beach is quite nice. 
  8. If you’re a film buff, you may recognize this beach as the place where Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster rolled around on the surf in the film From Here to Eternity. You won’t believe how many couples have tried to recreate that scene, especially these days when everyone has smartphone video cameras! 
  9. Modern moviegoers, on the other hand, may also recognize this as the so-called “Whitecap Bay” from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  10. If you’re in an exploratory mood, bring a flashlight and get to the back of the beach. There you’ll find a long lava cave that goes into the mountain. Just make sure that you go there when it’s a nice calm day and the surf isn’t high. 
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