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Haleiwa (North Shore Oahu)

All About The North Shore Oahu (Haleiwa)

Find out more about the North Shore of Oahu, and why it’s so famous all over the world. 

If you’re a dedicated surfer who travels the world for the best surfing spots, then you may have already visited the North Shore of Oahu. Even if you hadn’t, you must have heard of this place already if you truly want to be a great surfer who wants the perfect surfing experience. For many, that perfect surfing experience can be found here. 

Here are some fascinating tidbits you may want to know about:

  1. The North Shore beaches stretch for 7 miles. 
  2. During the peak winter months, the area hosts some of the most celebrated surfing competitions that draw surfers from all parts of the globe. The most famous of these competitions is the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, which is held here from November to December. 
  3. If you want to find the biggest waves, you may want to try Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, and Ehukai Beach (which is also ominously nicknamed the “Banzai Pipeline”). However, if you don’t have the necessary skills to tackle these waves, these areas are great for strolling on the shore or just for sunbathing and people-watching. 
  4. Sometimes the waves can go up to 30 feet or even more, and these waves are treacherous enough even for veteran surfers. This type of adventurous surfing can be found in the North Shore usually during the months from November to February. Take note of the warning signs when you find them. 
  5. However, if you’re a newbie you can still enjoy the waves during the months from May to September. The smaller waves are much less dangerous, and that makes them more enjoyable for beginners. 
  6. The North Shore is actually on the northwest side of the Oahu island, and located almost opposite the Honolulu area which lies on the southeast side. If you’re in the Waikiki part of Honolulu, it’ll take you about an hour to reach the North Shore. 
  7. Of course, you may just want to go stay in the North Shore in the first place so you can get to the beaches and the waves much more quickly. There’s the exclusive beachside Turtle Bay Resort, along with some condos for rent to tourists.
  8. You’ll also find the quaint town of Haleiwa near the North Shore Beaches. This is where many of the surfers come to take a break from the surf. You can eat at a restaurant, buy some souvenirs, or get some fresh supplies or equipment from the surf shops. There are plenty of food trucks here, and you better try the shave ice especially on a hot day. 
  9. You may also want to visit Waimea Bay. Back in the 1950s, this was the surfing spot to visit. It remains an iconic surfing location that you have to try at least once. 
  10. All in all, the North Shore is the mecca of big time surfing. You have to see it to believe it. Once you see it, you’ll love the challenge of those huge waves. 
Stop by Haleiwa on your Oahu circle island tour adventure.
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