Germaine's Luau - Backyard-Style Hawaiian Luau on the Beach With Fire-Knife Show

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When visiting Hawaii, you can’t miss out on attending Hawaii’s cultural party: a luau. There are a lot of places offering luaus in Hawaii, but Germaine’s Luau Oahu is incredibly popular among tourists and locals alike.

Germaine’s Luau is a backyard-style Hawaiian luau held right on the beach. The night’s highlight would be the fire-knife show, where their dancers perform tricks with a flaming knife.

Regarded as one of Oahu’s best activities by hundreds of happy tourists, Germaine’s backyard-style luau won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for things to do in Oahu, a great luau like Germaine’s Luau is a highly recommended activity to experience.

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What Is A Luau?

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast, usually accompanied by entertainment and outdoor activities. This fun-filled evening party typically features historical Hawaiian cuisine, such as pig, salmon, taro corns, coconut milk-based desserts, arts and crafts demonstrations, traditional games, and live music.

A luau is a one-of-a-kind party that brings family and friends together for various pastimes and activities as a way to commemorate life. Luaus have long been a social, cultural, spiritual, and entertainment event where everyone is welcomed with aloha (love and respect).

What Sets Germaine’s Luau Apart?

The breathtaking location of this top-rated Luau is what sets it apart from others. Germaine’s Luau is located in Kapolei, Oahu, next to the beach. The luau grounds are beautifully landscaped with tropical plants, tiki torches, and a thatched-roof structure that resembles a traditional Hawaiian hale (house).

The laid-back atmosphere of the Luau makes you feel as if you’re at a backyard Hawaiian family party. You will be greeted with a traditional lei greeting and a refreshing tropical cocktail from the tiki bar from the moment you arrive. Sip and enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset by the beach.

Germaine’s Luau is open every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Guests may check in from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM, and they may check out from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Event Highlights

One of the reasons this Luau is popular among locals and tourists is because it features an exciting fire-knife show. The fire-knife show is a tradition that originated in Samoa. It is a test of skill and bravery performed by Samoan men using a long staff with a knife at each end set on fire.

Besides its historical and cultural activities, Germaine’s Luau is also known for its spectacular ocean view. You can feel the warm ocean breeze while enjoying the luau feast while watching the sun sink into the horizon. The whole experience is simply unforgettable!

With Germaine’s Luau, you can feel the “aloha” spirit of Hawaii. The staff is amicable and accommodating, and they will make sure that you have a great time.

Activity Description

From pre-show activities to the main event, Germaine’s Luau has a lot in store for its guests. The Luau starts with pre-show activities, such as hula dancing and the procession of the Polynesian Royal Court. Below is the schedule of activities:

  • Traditional opening ceremony: The night begins with a conventional Hawaiian opening ceremony called the Pule, a prayer said by a Hawaiian kahuna (priest). This prayer is followed by blowing the conch shell, a traditional Hawaiian greeting.
  • Imu ceremony: You will see the pig being cooked in an underground oven during the Imu ceremony. This is a traditional Hawaiian way of cooking pig, and it is said to be very tasty!
  • Luau dinner: Feast like a Hawaiian chieftain with a sumptuous luau dinner, including traditional Hawaiian dishes such as roast pig, poi, salmon, and more.
  • Fire-Knife show: One of the night’s highlights is the fire-knife show, where one of their dancers performs tricks with a flaming knife. This thrilling event is a must-see!
  • Polynesian cultural dance show: The night ends with a spectacular Polynesian cultural dance show, which is a must-see for any visitor to Hawaii.

*Information & Pricing Details Continued Below*

Prices And Packages

Germaine’s Luau offers various packages at different price points. Listed below are the four different types of the packages provided:

Original Package: Standard Seating, 2 Drinks & Shell Lei

This package includes standard seating, two alcoholic drink tickets for adults over 21 years old, a shell lei greeting, a buffet dinner, and unlimited beverages of your choice. This ticket will also give you access to the pre-show entertainment and the crowd’s favorite fire-knife dance.

    • Adult (Age 21 & over): USD 135.00
    • Youth (Age 13-20): USD 115.00
    • Child (Age 4-12): USD 95.00
    • Infant (Age 0-3): free

Original Package With Transportation: Standard Seating, 2 Drinks & Shell Lei

This package offers the same inclusions as the Original Package, with the added convenience of round-trip transportation from select Waikiki hotels. With this package, you can also enjoy a wide variety of dinner buffet options.

    • Adult (Age 21 & over): USD 170.00
    • Youth (Age 13-20): USD 150.00
    • Child (Age 4-12): USD 130.00
    • Infant (Age 0-3): free

Plumeria Package: VIP Seating, 3 Drinks & Kukui Nut Lei

This package includes everything in the former package but with an upgrade to VIP seating. You can also receive three alcoholic drink stubs per adult member aged 21 and above with this package. Moreover, you will also receive priority service to the dinner buffet.

    • Adult (Age 21 & over): USD 175.00
    • Youth (Age 13-20): USD 150.00
    • Child (Age 4-12): USD 140.00
    • Infant (Age 0-3): free

Plumeria Package With Transportation: VIP Seating, 3 Drinks & Kukui Nut Lei

This package is the same as the former Plumeria VIP Package but with the added convenience of round-trip transportation from select Waikiki hotels.

    • Adult (Age 21 & over): USD 210.00
    • Youth (Age 13-20): USD 185.00
    • Child (Age 4-12): USD 175.00
    • Infant (Age 0-3): free


This fantastic Luau is also wheelchair accessible and child-friendly. However, as the Luau is situated near the beach, visitors who rely on wheelchairs may find it challenging to navigate some parts of the beach. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that those with disabilities bring someone along to assist them.

Additionally, although children below three years old are free of charge, they will not be given a chair inside the bus and will have to share with an accompanying adult.

The Luau does not offer high chairs, but strollers are allowed inside. However, keep in mind that it is situated near the beach and could potentially damage strollers.

It’s also best to check the schedule with the management beforehand as the Luau may be unavailable during inclement weather. You must also bring your government-issued photo ID with you at all times.


What Should I Wear For At The Luau?

We suggest wearing shorts, slacks, or capri pants with a blouse or a sundress for ladies. For men, khaki shorts or jeans and a Hawaiian Aloha shirt are the best options.

You might want to wear flip-flops or sandals as well since the seating area is on the sand. You can also bring a light jacket or sweater with you as the air can get chilly after sunset.

How Many Guests Can The Luau Accommodate?

Since the Luau is situated adjacent to the beach, it can accommodate a large audience. In our estimate, the Luau can seat up to 800 guests.

Are There Any “Show-only” Tickets?

Germaine’s Luau aims to give their guests the authentic Hawaiian experience, which is why they do not offer “show-only” tickets. The luau dinner is an integral part of the experience, and they want their guests to enjoy it fully.

Is It Possible To Choose Where You Want To Sit?

Guests may not choose where they prefer to sit. However, the tables are picnic benches, and you will be sharing them with other guests. More friends to meet and share the experience with!

What Happens If It Rains?

Rain hardly comes by, but the Luau will be canceled if the location is experiencing severe rain or a thunderstorm. Do not worry, though! You will get a refund.

Experience The Rich Polynesian History of Oahu

The lands and seas of Hawaii are the ancestral home of the Polynesian people. For over two thousand years, voyaging Polynesians settled in the Hawaiian Islands in massive double-hulled canoes.

The rich culture and vast history of the Hawaiian people are one of the most well-preserved cultures in the world. Tourism paved the way for the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture through hula, music, and storytelling.

Experience the rich cultural history of Polynesian people and all of the above at Germain’s Luau.

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