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Dillingham Airfield

Lots of Aerial Fun at the Dillingham Airfield

Looking for something thrilling to do while in Hawaii? Stop by at the Dillingham Airfield and you might just find what you’re looking for.

An airfield doesn’t always seem like the best place to go to when vacationing in a gorgeous island but that’s not the case for the Dillingham Airfield. Adding this stop to your itinerary will actually add variety to your island activities. So if you’re not the type who just wants to lounge around by the water or do other relaxing stuff while on a holiday, you should certainly look into the activities offered here.

About Dillingham Airfield

Defined as a public and military use airport on the North Shore of Oahu, it’s categorized as a general aviation facility by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The United States Air Force Auxiliary (CAP) performs night time vision device training as well as orientation flights from this spot during the evenings. In the day, it’s teeming with tourists and locals alike who want to try sky diving and gliding.

Originally established as a communications station known as Camp Kawaihapai in 1922, it was developed as a full-on airfield during WWII. It was then known as the Mokulēʻia Airfield until it was inactivated in 1948 and renamed as the Dillingham Air Force Base. It was named in honor of Captain Henry Gaylord Dillingham who was killed in action during the war. He was from the Dillingham line who founded the railroad that evolved into the Hawaiian Dredging Company and the Dillingham Corporation.

Sky Diving & Gliding

Sky diving is a popular activity in Hawaii mostly because the islands offer magnificent views, even from up above. There are quite a few businesses that offer such activities in the Dillingham Airfield so expect the area to be quite busy.

If you don’t want to jump out of an airplane but still want to experience the thrill of flying, gliding might be a better option for you. This activity will let you soar above Oahu’s North Shore and enjoy its spectacular views in a tiny glider so you’ll really feel the thrill of flying. The pilots will even do acrobatic stunts to amp up the excitement of the ride. Most gliders can take two passengers on each ride but if you’re packing quite a size, it might be better to fly solo.

Locals or those who are going to spend some time on the island can also learn how to fly gliders on their own with the help of these gliding tour companies. So if that’s your idea of fun, you can also have lots of it at the Dillingham Airfield.

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Lost Locations

Fans of the mega-hit ABC TV show Lost will also find a trip to the Dillingham Airfield quite an enjoyable one. Like many other areas in the North Shore of Oahu, there are a few areas here that are used as locations for the show. So if you’re thinking of going on a show pilgrimage, you should consider adding this stop into your itinerary.

While the remnants of the Oceanic Flight 815 aren’t as accessible as they once were, you might still find the enclosure used to store the parts of the plane fuselage.

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