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From enjoying lovely top-rated beaches, to going hiking, to playing golf, to skydiving, there are so many fun and exciting things to do in Oahu. However, your stay in Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without taking the Pearl Harbor tour.

Considered one of Oahu’s best activities, this remarkable tour allows you to learn, remember, and honor the history behind World War II and its impact on Hawaii and the U.S. Currently, Pearl Harbor has over 1.8 million visitors every year. 

If you’re someone who wants to engage in meaningful Oahu activities like paying your respects to the brave heroes, then you shouldn’t miss the Pearl Harbor guided tour. To learn more about what awaits you with this tour, including the pricing, schedules, and other relevant details, check out our article below. 

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Activity Description

Whether you’re a history buff or you simply want to have a complete and memorable experience while vacationing in Hawaii, going on a Pearl Harbor tour is a must-try. In this Pearl Harbor  

Included in your tour is a visit to the Arizona Memorial and the USS. Missouri battleship, which makes the experience smooth and hassle-free. At the Arizona Memorial, you’ll have a chance to honor over 1,100 heroes who sacrificed their lives and helped you experience the freedom you have today.

From there, you’ll get to explore the USS Missouri battleship. On the deck of the historic ship is where Japan’s official surrender happened, which also ended World War II in 1945.  If you’re a naval enthusiast, you’ll surely love exploring this approximately 900-feet ship. 

Plus, you’re set to enjoy your bus ride through Punchbowl National Cemetery and a tour to downtown Honolulu while hearing interesting and insightful stories from one of our friendly tour guides.


Prices of Pearl Harbor tour tickets vary depending on the package you choose and your age bracket. To get a 10% discount, you have to book five days early. Discounted prices are as follows:

Waikiki Departure

    • Adult: $97.06 
    • Child: $76.34
    • Infant: Free

Ko Olina Departure

    • Adult: $107.43 
    • Child: $86.71
    • Infant: Free


If you want your Pearl Harbor tour to start from Waikiki hotels, pick-up is from 7:30 to 7:50 in the morning. Then, you can enjoy a quick boat ride going to the historic USS Arizona Memorial. Here, you’ll learn more about World War II. 

After navigating for about two hours, you have another two hours to explore the USS Missouri battleship. You’ll find out more about the history of Mighty Mo and even see a copy of the Term of Surrender that was signed to officially end the war.  

The last part of this Pearl Harbor guided tour is appreciating downtown Honolulu, which is also rich in history. You’ll develop a better understanding and stronger respect for Hawaii — from being a monarchy to becoming the 50th U.S. state. Then, drop-off is at 1:45 in the afternoon, which means that you still have ample time to do anything you’d like in Oahu. 

If you’re taking the tour through the Ko Olina departure option, you should be ready to get picked up from 8:30 to 8:45 in the morning. You get a chance to visit the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, where you can navigate and admire the exhibits and galleries. Then, of course, you can also explore the Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri battleship, and the historic downtown of Honolulu. You will be dropped off at Ko Olina hotels or vacation rentals at 4 in the afternoon, so you can still find other things to do in Oahu.       


What items are allowed to be brought inside Pearl Harbor?

While there is a no bag policy, you’re allowed to bring small wallets and clutches (like the size of a cell phone), clear and lightweight plastic bags, single camera bags that would only fit other items like lens caps, and strollers and wheelchairs with a fixed pouch and bag respectively.

What items are prohibited inside Pearl Harbor?

You are not allowed to bring bulky bags that include concealment, balls, skateboards, other sports equipment, glass containers (aside from baby food jars), flowers in vases and pots, musical instruments (unless you’ve been granted a permit), aerosol containers, and weapons like knives.

What are the COVID-19 safety guidelines to be followed during the Pearl Harbor tour?

You should wear your face mask when you’re inside Pearl Harbor or ensure you’re six feet away from other visitors. If possible, practice social distancing. We also have various hand sanitizer stations throughout the tour to help ensure your safety.

Can we get a refund or rebook if we missed the pick-up time?

No. Rebooking and refund options are not available for those who failed to show up during the set pick-up time. We encourage you to get there early so you won’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

Is there a specific dress code for the Pearl Harbor guided tour?

You need to wear a shirt and shoes to be allowed to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Also, wearing swimsuits is strictly prohibited.

Are there wheelchairs for rent at Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is wheelchair accessible, but there are no wheelchairs available for rent. Thus, you have to rent from a third party or bring your own. We provide a vehicle equipped with a lift upon request three to four days before the tour. Bringing a collapsible wheelchair is also allowed.

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Your trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be as memorable if you didn’t get some Pearl Harbor tour tickets. From exploring a real battleship to checking out a historic memorial, you’ll go on a trip that you’ll never forget. 

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